Nature a Potpourri of Change . . .

Nature is forever changing, however, the changes are much more obvious at certain times of the year … like right now. Summer is coming to an end and Fall is about to begin .. it is that in-between season without a name. (We could call it Summall? or Fummer?)

Spring was about 2-3 weeks early here in Minnesota this year … it looks like Fall will be showing up early, too. The greens of summer have already begun to turn brown and yellow. I heard someone say that they noticed that the wind through the leaves on the trees sounded different .. drier/crispier now.

The ferns are starting to wither, the elms are turning yellow and I even saw one branch of a maple tree shining with orange and red. The berries are gone. The chipmunks and squirrels have stolen most of the pinecones and all of the hazelnuts. The birds have started migration. And, the bears are getting pretty fat and lazy (hunting season starts in just a week)

The weather has been a cycle of mixed extremes … Three or four days of very hot and humid days which caused little mushroom villages to spring up overnight and everything else to hide in shady or underground places. Followed by a day or two with lots of rain celebrated by only the frog, turtle, and mosquito populations. Ending with a few days of perfect summer weather (70’s during the day, bright sunny skies, light breezes and very cool 40º nights) that everything in nature enjoys and clings to like it is the last hurrah of summer. (which it probably is, especially teachers and students)

Other things in the area have also changed … with no season related reason. The Tettegouche Arch came tumbling down sometime this past weekend (news link). It has been a landmark of the North Shore for hundreds of years … it has probably been standing for thousands. There was no storm, no strong wind, no big waves … it just decided to fall down from old age … secretly and alone. (Before and after pictures)

What nature changes are you noticing that signals Fall is knocking at the door?

~ by bearyweather on August 25, 2010.

11 Responses to “Nature a Potpourri of Change . . .”

  1. It really is getting close to autumn, isn’t it? Today is so cool compared to the previous days of unusual warmth. Spending a lot of time harvesting the garden, pulling up bean plants, canning salsa. Interesting what you said about the different sounds of leaves. I read a section in a book yesterday which talked about that. I need to listen more closely to the sounds of wind in the leaves.

    • I am trying to take in as many sounds as I can. The birds have gotten very quiet and many I am afraid are packing up to leave. The loons are still singing in the morning, but one day soon .. they will just be gone. With the mess in the gulf, not sure if they are coming back next year or not. Their song is precious to me during the summer.

  2. I really enjoyed ur post here!!!

  3. “Summall or Fummer” haha love the idea of creating a new word for that in between time- I think we should call it Fummer! 🙂
    Fall is far away from where I live… Istanbul will be around 30 degrees until the end of September. I love fall- can’t wait to see all the little changes; wind getting stronger, more reds, yellows and browns…
    Great pictures btw- thank you for sharing them 🙂

    • I like Fummer best, too. The Fall is my favorite time of year to take pictures .. so much going on … I will be posting them. I appreciate that you gave up Norway vacation time to stop by … Thanks

  4. I love getting glimpses into your neck of the woods! So beautiful! And about in between seasonal names? My boys were just discussing this in the car on the way to school. They wanted to know why we had to wait so long for the actual date of fall to begin when we had already begun school and some of our leaves are shifting in color.

    • It does seem extra early this year … summer is always too short up here in the north.
      I dread the coming winter .. however, I look forward to the great Fall picture taking opportunities that await me.
      Thanks for stopping by to take a glimpse!

  5. fummer…I love it! Getting ready to click on the link to check out that arch.

    • I hope you liked the arch pictures … I love the North Shore, it is so beautiful there. The lake is breathtakingly huge and all the hiking trails and waterfalls … it is my favorite place to visit.

  6. I am actually ansty and itchin’ for that autumnal feeling and it’s now a heat wave here in northern California! I love the pictures you shared here. I went to Minnesota a few times around twenty years ago and remember it being so very pretty. You captured it well. 🙂

    • I love the Fall … it is my favorite season. The weather is usually perfect, the bugs are gone, and there is color everywhere. Unfortunately, that is when I have to go back to teaching and I miss most of it. Schoolitis has hit me hard this week.

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