I Tried to be Green . . .

I worked hard all day, but it was all wasted energy. I have tried to go green in many ways in my life. One thing I was proud of was my yard and how I could take care of it without any gasoline engines. I bought a brand new rotary (reel) lawn mower .. you probably know the kind I am talking about from seeing them in old tv shows of the 50’s-60’s .. I think Opie Taylor of Andy Griffith fame used one. I also have a battery operated weed whipper thing. I have been using both for a couple of years .. and as long as I don’t let the grass (weeds, clover, etc…) get too high, I am good to go … my yard looks nice.

However, life got complicated this past month keeping me very busy and it rained on days I did have time to mow … needless to say, the grass grew and grew. Yesterday was my day to tackle it. The morning was beautiful. It was in the upper 70’s, sun shining bright with a few clouds and a light wind .. perfect weather for morning grass cutting.

I started with my weed whipper … but, because everything had grown so tall, it’s battery ran out after less than 30 minutes. No problem … plug it in to charge while I get walking with that lawn mower. Oh my! I walked and walked, I pushed .. I really pushed it through the lawn and after a section was finished, it looked like a bad haircut .. long in places short in others, just beaten down in others … so, I switched mowing directions 90º and cut the same section again … I little better. To finish off the section, I did some spot cutting and planned to come back for some stubborn areas with my weed whipper (once it was charged) … and this went on for most of the day.

Let’s just say, by 4:00 pm .. I was beat, hot, sweaty, itchy, and my yard was only half done (and a “done” assessment could be debatable) … I had not even gotten to the section where the grass was the longest, about 9″ high. What to do? I figured by the time I finished cutting the grass (sometime next week) it was just going to be time to start all over again … a never ending, impossible job. What to do?

I don’t know what you would have done, but I was so tired and all of my hours of hard work did not amount to much … I gave up on being green. Frustration and exhaustion made all of my good intentions end up in the trash. I called my little brother who has a gas powered push lawn mower and super powerful weed wiper, I sat on the porch with a cool drink and watched him do the entire yard (the sections I had tried to cut plus along the wooded drive and path down to the lake) in less than 1.5 hours. I can’t believe I wasted a whole day beating down grass and myself with my green lawn mowing system … sigh. I really tried to be green …..

Like Kermit says, “It is not easy being green.” You would think with all of the world’s technology growth and the push to conserve and be conscious of our natural world, going green would be easier. Now, I know why people are not changing to green very fast … it is not easy. We need green tools that can do the job better! It has to be easy and effective for people to change.

~ by bearyweather on August 8, 2010.

One Response to “I Tried to be Green . . .”

  1. My grandmother had one of those rotary mowers. I thought it was the coolest thing ever…of course, I only played with it…never cut the yard or the fields surrounding her house!

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