A Digging Problem . . .

Meet “chuck” or “woody” or “stupid” … or, you can pick your own name for my new tenant the wood chuck .. he has been called many unpleasant ones over the past week.

Please don’t ooh and awe at his cuteness … look at those claws. This picture does not show those dangerous teeth he has, the damage he has done, or how spooky he is when he is making hissing noises at me. He is nothing like those cute, little, harmless bears of my last post.

Woodchucks living on the edges of my yard are not new to me … at times (I will admit) they are cute and they eat some nasty weeds. At other times, when they decide to change homes, I am desperate for a shovel or a gun to take them out as they tunnel and dig huge holes in my yard. (don’t worry my only current weapons are a super soaker and a can of silly string). If you have not seen their work, they are expert excavators … they dig and dig and can move huge rocks (and they multiply like rabbits).

This particular digging menace has decided to take up residence under my front porch, he started building this week. He is excavating and moving rocks, tunneling under the porch and under my cement driveway … and then, at break time, perches himself on the front porch step for morning coffee while he surveys his new domain. In just a few days, he has a front door and a back door … and since it is underground, I do not know how many rooms he has constructed (several based on the pile of dirt and rocks outside the door).

He is so destructive, he has to go! This is his second home. He has also expanded his home on the hill and I found that by stepping in the wrong place while cutting the grass and fell into his veranda leaving a huge hole in my backyard.

Does anyone have any solutions for removing him? I would like him to be relocated, but have been told that won’t work I have to kill him. I can’t have him shot .. he is in a place that is against the house and almost impossible to get to … my yelling and stomping on the floor of my porch has made him stealth … I rarely see him and when I do, he is quick. If I run water down the hole to flood his new home .. it is all sand and rock down there .. it will just seep away or wash more of the sand under my driveway away. I have an electronic pest noise maker thing plugged in … I was thinking of pouring something stinky down the hole, but we both have to live with the smell. The rodent bombs I found online would probably work, but I am bombing my own home, too.

Help … how do I get rid of my unwanted house tenant?


~ by bearyweather on August 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “A Digging Problem . . .”

  1. Gee, I don’t have a solution. I know they can be annoying…moles do the same thing with tunneling. I remember growing up we had a neighbor with a mole problem. We were fortunate they never ventured to the other side of the diveway! Good luck with getting rid of your pesky houseguest!

    • It is okay .. a little sympathy for my situation is nice, too. I have the moles, squirrels and chipmunks, too .. they dig a bit. But, these woodchucks dig BIG holes .. because they are big. Prairie dogs and gophers are probably more closely related .. but, I think these are the only ones who can move big rocks. I think this one is relatively young, he is kind of small.

  2. I’m sorry… I can’t help it… I’m ‘ooh’ing and ‘aww’ing as I’m writing this 🙂 He looks cute!
    That said, I can imagine how annoying and damaging he can get. Unfortunately I’ve never seen one and don’t have any useful suggestions but do you have something like ‘wild life recue’ of any kind around your area? Maybe they can come and get this little guy out of there?

    • Unfortunately .. this is probably where a wild life rescue would release them. I live in a wild life area, nearest small town is 30 miles away .. nearest city about 60 miles away … just lakes, resorts and cabins. Maybe you know these critters by another more appropriate name “Ground Hog” .. which actually is more appropriate. Not sure why people in northern Minnesota call them woodchucks .. they don’t do anything with wood and I don’t know what “chucking” even is. Maybe because they live in the woods?

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