A Chocolate Debate . . .

Are there any dark chocolate lovers out there? If you are not, you might want to try it .. Did you know that that Dark Chocolate has the highest antioxidant of any food? And, that it also has a higher level of Flavonoids which helps to boost good HDL Cholesterol? If you are a lover of chocolate like me, you already know all that good stuff (it is a great excuse to eat some every day) and I am sure that you have also explored the different varieties of the best dark chocolates available. We could have a great debate over which one is the best … Dove, Hershey, Godiva, Lindt, or Ghirardelli.

However, that is not the chocolate debate I want to have today .. I would rather focus on
Dove Chocolate Promises and the messages that they are wrapped in. Each individually wrapped little square morsel of chocolate heaven is definitely worth the calories (42 calories each for dark chocolate). The wrapper has something special to offer, also … they are called “Dove Promises”. If you can control your urge to tear into the chocolate and open it carefully, you will find short sayings and thoughts printed on the inside of the wrapper.

Not surprisingly, some times the written “promises” resemble advertisements for chocolate: “A special moment deserves a special chocolate”, “Chocolate therapy is oh so good”, “Chocolate is a gift of love”, and “Chocolate brings good things to life”. There are also the breast cancer awareness messages and do something good for you or someone else messages.

I have at least one chocolate square a day for medicinal purposes (of course) … they always make me feel better. Therefore, over the years, I have probably read almost every message. I was surprised to find that today’s chocolate wrapper did not fit into any of those standard categories … this is what it said:
“Change is a process, not an event.”
Pretty deep for chocolate, huh?

This message had me thinking for awhile. Probably because I have been craving changes in some parts of my life that are just not happening. Things appear to be at a standstill and it is frustrating. So, in that context, the chocolate message sounded correct to me … thinking back on my life (and the lives of others), most changes in life do take place over time. And sometimes change happens so gradually, we don’t even realize that things are different until much farther in the future. Logically then, it seems to me that change is a process .. it takes time and work to happen.

But, wait … what about if you have a crippling accident?, … you get a puppy as a surprise gift? … someone close to you dies suddenly? … a fire destroys your home? … you meet someone who turns your life upside down? … aren’t those more of an “event”, a forced change that you have to deal with immediately and not a process? I can remember people telling me “that is the day my life changed” .. don’t you?
So, that is what I would like to discuss/debate …

  • Was the message in my chocolate correct? Is change a process not an event?
  • And, just for fun … If you could write your own Dove Chocolate Promise, what would your message be?

I do believe that most lasting change requires time and taking things one step at a time. Therefore, while I am in the slow process of change and/or waiting for a positive life changing event, I will just have to be patient and eat more chocolate … I know it can only help me, because as my second piece of chocolate today stated:
“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!”


~ by bearyweather on July 13, 2010.

One Response to “A Chocolate Debate . . .”

  1. Oh you gave me a craving! 🙂 I also have at least one little (!) piece of chocolate everyday because, you know… other wise my coffee would be so lonely! But unfortunately I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate, my favorite is milk chocolate with hazelnut! Mmm…
    As for the debate, I think change can happen in a second,in a blink of an eye but the way we cope with it and get used to that change… It’s a process.

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