Good Morning . . .

“If people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters.”
~Author unknown, attributed to Jim Davis

There are many great things about a teacher’s summer vacation… however, the relaxed summer mornings … those are my favorite perks of the summer. During the majority of the year, I am not a morning person … far from it. I feel that mornings are a form of torture forced upon me. It’s a daily struggle for me to roll out of bed (especially towards the end of a work week) and it usually takes a significant amount of time for me to feel like me.

Some how, a miracle happens during the summer, I go through an amazing transformation … I am able to get up at the same time or even earlier without an alarm clock and enjoy it .. I will even jump out of bed and walk down to the lake before sunrise (4:50 today) to get pictures of the start of the day. It is not that I go to sleep earlier … on the contrary, I am a night owl even more so during the summer.

So, what has turned me into a summer morning person? My theory is that my stress level is so much lower that maybe I sleep better. Knowing I can do anything I want in the morning does not hurt, either … the freedom I feel, lightens my life. (and I can take an afternoon nap if I want to ;0).

Here are some of the things I really love about my lazy, summer mornings! Time to … wake up gradually, listen to morning bird songs, enjoy a cup of tea, read in my pajamas, write down what is on my mind, eat breakfast when I am hungry, leisurely showers, make plans for the day based on the weather and what I feel like doing … no bells telling me where to go and what I need to do! I really love my summer mornings! Did I say that already? ;0)

In addition, you never know who might surprise you with a morning visit …. here are pictures of my playful visitors (momma and her twins) yesterday morning.


~ by bearyweather on July 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Good Morning . . .”

  1. There is something magical about early morning time to me, especially in the summer. Love the pictures. What a precious reward for greeting the dawn. 🙂

  2. […] Summer vacations bring other small rewards to teachers that most people are not deprived of at work such as … being able to listen to the radio during the day, reading things not related to school (work), making appointments for a weekday (without also the step by step instructions that explain how our substitute can be us for a day and survive). The freedom to travel or take a class to learn something new are all possible in the summer. There are many great things about a teacher’s summer vacation that are totally foreign to us during the school year … but, lazy mornings … that is one of my favorite perks of the summer. (see past post). […]

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