Television .. naturally? Not …

The nature part of this post:
Minute by minute Bear Den viewing ended a few weeks ago when mother and cub ventured out into the big woodsy world. Spending time with Lily and Hope this winter was a great stress reliever for me and an entertaining way to watch rare sights in nature … a version of reality tv that I loved. For the latest on Hope and Lily, visit Lily’s Facebook page or where a few times a week, the scientists studying the bears post video clips of Hope and Lily’s life in the woods …. be prepared to say “aawww, that is so cute”.
Animal Planet also has an hour long episode about the bear study in Ely, MN on their Wild Kingdom show called Bearwalker of the Northwoods and I hear the BBC is currently shooting another show with the scientists and bears at the center.

Speaking of Television … really?
The last thing I ever thought I would blog about was television. A year ago, if a conversation was in progress about the latest episode of a television program, I could not participate because I did not watch tv at all – nothing. My viewing habits consisted only of my dvd collection and rented Netflix movies. Network television had been out of my life for a little over 5 years. To take it’s place, I developed other habits (ie: reading, crafts) and I felt much better about myself and I seemed to get so much more done.

If living without television was so great, what’s with all my past tense words to describe it? Well, television has found me again … not in the normal way … it is in the form of, Netflix instant play, and network websites … all sites I can watch on my computer. What is great about this method of watching is that you can watch what you want, when you want to. Missed a whole season of CSI or 24? Plop yourself down and watch one episode right after another … no commercials, no waiting a week or more for the cliff hangers to play out … just enjoy.

During this dark winter, my computer television watching grew … it was a great thing to do while correcting mountains of student papers and it lightened up the night a bit. However, now that Spring is here with hints of summer, I am already seeing my viewing habits diminish greatly, replaced with other activities … and I don’t miss watching anything .. they will all be there next winter for me if I want to catch up on shows I missed.

The one thing I treasure most about finding television programming again this winter is the new music it has added to my life. There are so many television shows promoting new artists by including snippets of their music in the show or digging up old forgotten ones and including them in the story. My first musical find was My Ghost by Glass Pear in an episode of Bones. Part of the song was played towards the end of the episode right before the credits .. I only heard part of the song as the episode came to an end, but it was an instant “wow” for me and I felt compelled to hunt it down immediately. It was not an easy “find” … all I had were a few lyrics to go on … I spent time searching the internet for it .. using lyrics websites and YouTube to check the artist out … but, the search was worth it to me. Finding a new artist is like finding a treasure … one great song can lead to others that are even better.

Since then, I have hunted down a few other songs and artists and it is getting a little easier … If you ever hear part of a song on television that you want to find, the credits at the end rarely tell you anything. I have found that some shows like Bones, put the music credits right at the beginning of the show (so you have to go back and look if a song catches your ear), YouTube can be helpful in your search, lyric websites, and a new find for me … a website that has a large database of songs categorized by show and episode .. heard on

The return of winter television watching leads to enjoying new music this summer in the outdoors? … who knew?

~ by bearyweather on April 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Television .. naturally? Not …”

  1. bears….indeed..i m love with animal planet…

  2. Love the bears. The great thing about internet TV/Movies is that you are completely in control of the experience. Cool stuff. Another free site to check out is, I am sure you will enjoy it.

    • Thanks for the new tv link I will check it out. I agree with you … being in total control of my viewing is what makes this great …it’s even better than having control of the tv remote ;0).

      I would love to take credit for that cute “bears being silly” picture with this post, but credit for that one goes to (98% of the other photos in my blog are mine, though).

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