A Sleepy Momma Bear … and Cub!

Since I love everything “bear”, I have to tell you about Minnesota’s, Lily the Black Bear. She has just become an internet star as she sleeps cozy in her den tonight. A camera was placed in her den as part of a study and it is accessible to the world … so, now we can all watch as Lily sleeps, gives birth and cares for her cubs during the weeks to come … as long as the system does not become overloaded (it has been down a few times). Right now, it is a sleepy video, but excitement is growing as the birth nears (could be any minute now). Lily is moving around and expected to give birth to two cubs very soon.

Lily lives in the wild near Ely Minnesota. The camera is part of a long-term study of bears being conducted by the North American Bear Center and the Wildlife Institute. More information on Bears and Lily can be found at those sites (as well as the live camera footage).

The best place to view the camera is the main source North American Bear Center. However, there are many places online with a link to the camera .. here are two more sites, just in case there are technical problems at the crucial moment …

Another site to view the bear den live, watch the birth, and read an article about Lily and the bear studies can be found at this site click here (be warned, there are some commercials to wait through)

The bear den camera can also be watched here (without the commercials):

And, drop her a note of encouragement … her fans are talking to her on facebook ;0) She is also on Twitter.

~ by bearyweather on January 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “A Sleepy Momma Bear … and Cub!”

  1. The baby/babies are here … to see the birth:

  2. UPDATE: No time to sit at your computer and watch a sleeping bear? The Facebook Fan page for Lily has been doing an excellent job watching for us and putting up videos of the best action.
    This morning’s video … a great glimpse of a sleepy, paw waving bear cub .. 12 minutes of “awe” … a must watch, it will leave you feeling warm all over.
    (it is called … “The Case of the Sinking Cub”
    http://www.facebook.com/lily.the.black.bear?ref=mf )

  3. […] are excellent ways to get your bear sounds fix, too). For even more info on Lily Bear check out my January post, […]

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