A Special Blue Moon …

Once in a blue moon …. a saying with double meanings … first, it is what we call the second full moon that appears in the same month. This month (Dec. 2009), we get to experience that phenomenon … the second full moon of the month will fall on December 31st … a blue moon seems to be a very special way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, don’t you think?

Blue moons are rare and hence we get the sayings second definition .. “Once in a blue moon” expresses the specialness of something that happens very rarely. Personally, I always feel grateful when I get the chance to experience a rare (and, obviously it should be a positive) occasion … it is something to look forward to, to reflect back on, to share, to remember always.

It is extremely easy to appreciate the uncommon and infrequent once in a blue moon experiences … our brains automatically register them as special just because they are so very rare.

What bothers me, is how easy it is for us to lose sight of the specialness of common everyday things. The beauty that is all around us. The friends and family that share our lives with us. They are the most precious and special gifts we have been given and so often they are the people we treat the most poorly. They are neglected because we are so used to them we stop seeing them for what they really are to us … we stop appreciating them and their specialness to us seems to be lost in the routines of life. It often takes a tragedy or loss for their specialness to shine in our eyes again … and that is sad.

Just think how much better our world would be if we could look upon the daily aspects of our lives and the people who are closest to us and automatically register them in our brains as special … blue moon kind of events … every day … and treat them that way.

Deep down inside, don’t we all crave to be someone’s special blue moon? How do we become/find that specialness? Maybe all it takes is for us to show someone that they are our once in a blue moon, special person and it will swing around and we will feel special, too. Okay, I admit it again, I am a hopeless romantic .. however, what bad could come from spreading a little specialness around?

It is the giving season …. what better gift could be given to the people that we love, than to make them know and feel how special and important they are to us by our actions? To show them that they are our special, once in a blue moon person?


~ by bearyweather on December 17, 2009.

One Response to “A Special Blue Moon …”

  1. Little did I know … how many songs have been written called “Once in a Blue Moon” and all about the same thing … someone special coming along or lost one of a kind loves. Van Morrison, Sydney Forest. Patrick Alger, Paul Tucker have all written a song that a variety of artists have recorded and Earl Thomas Conley’s version seems to be one of the most popular (at least in a google search).

    …. excerpt from Van Morrison’s song ….

    “Once in a blue moon
    There’s a thing called happiness
    It happens when you’re in
    A state of natural grace
    When the wind is blowing
    All around the fence
    I get that happy feeling
    Things start making sense
    All just feels so lucky
    That you just can’t go wrong
    Once in a blue moon
    Someone like you comes along …”

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