A Natural Christmas …

Keeping things as natural as possible is important to me. Like almost everyone else, I do enjoy making this time of year extra special with festive lights and decorations .. however, the commercialism, materialism and gimmicks of the holiday season make me sick inside. So, what better way could there be then to fight back with natural Christmas Decorations?

Living in the woods has many advantages for gathering natural decorations, but I think that even city dwellers could find the materials to try a few of these ideas and maybe eliminate some of the holiday junk sold in stores. Here are some natural things I have found to make the season festive in my home …..

Boughs, boughs and more boughs …
The green boughs of pine trees, spruce trees, cedar trees and princess pine make for fragrant and beautiful decorations for indoor or outdoor decorating. In my area, wreath making is a big business in the Fall, many people do it after their day jobs for extra income. Wreaths are easy to buy and make here. Swags and small window displays can also be made from the greenery of the woods.
This year, I cut up a few broken limbs from a norway pine and a spruce tree and created a bough basket and filled a planter for my front porch. I just inserted the cut ends into the dirt of my summer pots, arranging them like you would flowers in a vase. Speaking of flowers, don’t forget how lovely a real, living, bright red poinsettia can be in your home.

The Tree …
In my opinion, the best tree is a living tree …. one that you can plant in the spring or keep in a pot for a couple of years. Second choice is to go out into the woods and cut a fresh tree. (I heard on the news today that killing that yearly tree is a lot greener than buying an artificial tree that can not be recycled). Besides, when you cut a fresh tree, it can serve many purposes … For me, after it has been a Christmas tree, it then becomes a winter feeding station for the birds, and finally, kindling for summer bonfires. Stringed popcorn and cranberries make for wonderful natural decorations (the birds and squirrels will be thanking you after the holidays when you take your tree outside). If you are living in the city, live trees can be taken to the recycling center in your area where it will be turned into mulch you can use for your plants in the summer. (more about living trees)

Pinecones …
Before the snow falls, I also gather a few pinecones on my walks. Pinecones are a very decorative element and they can be stored and reused for several years. A little loop of a light gage floral wire and a little glitter glue and you have ornaments for your tree, wreath or swag. Scented and put in a basket for a gift. For craftier people, they can be painted and glued to make table decorations, table place card holders, candle holders, etc.

Outdoor lighting …
How about luminaries made of Ice? … They are the most beautiful decoration on a cold holiday night and so easy to make. Simply fill an empty icecream bucket or milk carton half way with water, set a soup can weighted down with rocks in the middle and set outside to freeze. (they can be decorated at this stage by placing pine greens, pinecones, cranberries, etc in the water). When they are frozen solid, remove ice from container, replace the can with a candle and light … gorgeous! (and not a fire danger)

Wrapping gifts …
Making the wrappings part of the gift is my favorite thing to do. Scarfs and towels work great to wrap a present in. Finding a useable container such as a kitchen bowl, toolbox, even a minnow bucket to use as the box for your gift is also great idea. Those reuseable cloth bags grocery stores sell can make great gift bags that will help make the world greener for years .. who says the wrappings have to be paper with santa’s and snowmen on them?

This is just a partial list of some things I have done … I did not even mention fresh fruits, cinnamon sticks, cookies, candles or recycling everyday items … Creating all of these items with your friends and/or family will add to the meaning and specialness of the season … it just requires some quality time together, something I think often gets lost this time of year. (more ideas)
Do you have any other ideas? Please share your natural ideas for making the holiday season special …..


~ by bearyweather on December 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Natural Christmas …”

  1. Just found a new resource for a really green Christmas ….. there are tons of ideas in
    Anna Getty’s book … “I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas” check it out on her website: Anna Getty, Pure Style Living

  2. […] year, I wrote about some natural Christmas decorations I have used in the past (link to post). There are so many things just a few feet from my front door that can make the season […]

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