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greenSearching the internet for ordinary things sometimes brings pleasant surprises. While looking for digital “photography” sites, I came across a great find … a quality online, digital “publishing” site. It is called Issuu. This is a free site where ordinary people and publishers can collect, share, and publish their work online … and, did you catch that great word – FREE? The site provides convenient reading of a variety of magazines, books, catalogs, reports, and more. (The digital photography book I found)

Digital publishing is a growing industry. Type “digital publishing” in any search engine and you will be overwhelmed with thousands of different takes on the same idea. Sites selling software to help you publish digitally, companies that are designed to provide digital publishing assistance to businesses, how to books, digital print shops, etc …. I found Issuu by accident and thought wow, what a terrific new idea … however, upon one more search I discovered that Issuu is not alone … there are many sites publishing books and magazines online for free …. like: YuDu (which even has page turning sounds on books), or Scribd, or Calameo.

The amount of digital reading available to everyone with a computer is mind boggling. These publishing sites are a wonderful use of technology. Besides being free, they also allow ordinary people an outlet to share their written and/or artistic work … projects that may have never been made available by the “paper” publishers of the past (because of cost or not seen as profitable) … can now be shared in a much cheaper and greener way with a much wider audience. Because of the quantity of material, time is required to sift through and find the best quality products (obviously, not all of them will be great) … but, like other technological sharing sites, the search is part of the fun.

On a related note, in a past post I mentioned two other excellent, free, online reading resources. They differ from these public, digital publishing sites as they are strictly for classic works that are in the public domain. LibriVox is an online site that provides free audiobooks (you can volunteer to read/record public domain works to add to the site’s library, as well). The other site is BookGlutton where you can read books alone or … what makes this site unique .. you can also read with a group and comment along the way – it is like an interactive, online book club (not all books are free).

Some of my finds at Issuu have inspired me to contemplate putting together a publication of my own …. maybe something like this nature photo book I found. I can see it now … The Black Bears of Minnesota? … Northwood’s Wildlife?


~ by bearyweather on November 8, 2009.

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