Inner blindness . . .

Inner blindness, occurs when we don’t see ourselves clearly or accurately … and sometimes, when we are so busy living on the outside that we are blind to what lies inside of us. I read an article recently that approached this blindness as a real hazard for everyone. The author pointed to the bad effects this blindness can cause to the people around us when we are unable, afraid, or unwilling to look at our lives and see the harm we are doing.

I have been there … on both sides of that type of blindness … and it is no fun. However, we forget, that when we don’t look inside for the truths (good and bad) about ourselves our inner blindness is hurting us, too … it may even be hurting us the most. We could be blindly leading lives that are stuck in a rut, lives without inner or outward meaning to us, or the blindness is as simple as not seeing the possibilities that are right in front of our faces.

What is the cure for inner blindness? That is the paradox … the cure is simple … looking, honestly inside of yourself and being open to change …. however, if you are blind to your problem, are you never going to look inside? Probably not …

Does that mean that inner blindness is a hopeless state of living with no cure? In my opinion, the answer is no … I believe that higher powers give us what we need to crawl out of our self-created darkness. Sometimes cataclysmic events happen in our lives that force us to look inside. Sometimes no win situations pressure us to make a life changing choice. Sometimes the cure comes in the form of a friend who is courageous enough to throw reality in our face and wake us up. And, sometimes the lightbulb goes on for us when we have a casual encounter with a stranger.

These casual encounters and comments made by friends or by total strangers can stick with us for a life time and hold great meaning for us … sometimes without the speaker even knowing they said something profound to us. Surprisingly, the speaker likely does not even remember the moment, yet, we will remember it for the rest of our lives. Why? Because, it was something we needed to hear at the exact moment we were open to hearing it … it changed our lives. And, in my case, two incidents I remember most clearly changed my life for the better.

For me, one moment I will forever remember happened while I was waiting in the hall for a meeting with my college advisor. Another staff member (I did not even know) .. stopped and casually talked to me for a minute or two about some bulletins posted on the wall behind me. It opened my eyes to overseas studies … an option I was totally blind to, but that when I actively pursued it, it changed my life.
Another special moment happened when I went for a short leisurely walk with a friend (done often) and one simple sentence from him shined a light on a dream I did not even realize I had. It seemed as if time stood still for 30 seconds while that one sentence (not related to my dream) sunk in and jump started a new path in life for me. It required action from me, but the inspired words were the catalyst.

What I find amazing is precisely how common and everyday the experiences were … they have happened thousands of times in my life time and, for some reason, these two hit something deep inside of me without the other person even trying to. The words made me look inside, reach for more, change my path … and strangely, with very little fear … the light was shining brightly and I knew I was doing what I should be doing. It was the right path for me!

pathTurning that thought around, made me think … How often do the things I say casually to other people effect them in a similar way? How often do my offhand remarks inspire (or harm) someone else? The power of words, no matter how casually they are spouted, can be good and bad and twisted in all sorts of ways .. we never know what will come of them. Therefore, …. I pray we all use our words wisely and that we all take the time to look inside, past the darkness, to discover our best paths in life … end the inner blindness.


~ by bearyweather on October 27, 2009.

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