Friendly get-togethers . . .

There has been a growing trend in my area that involves women (usually men, too … depending on the party theme) getting together for a “party”. Parties for selling kitchen gadgets, make up, jewelry, candles, home interior design objects, plastic containers, purses, cleaning supplies, etc …. there seems to be a number of them each month. Although, I view some of these products as very nice, the last thing I would call the gathering is a party. In my opinion, they are traveling stores that visit your friend’s house where there is a hidden pressure to buy things you really don’t need or want as the fee for spending time with friends.

Granted, some of these “parties” have fun elements to them … however … why do we need an excuse like demonstration/shopping to get together and socialize? Why are we buying things, just to spend time with people we care about and want to have some fun with? I would like to offer up some other options for friends that want to spend time together doing something … that are much more fun and less expensive.

One of the best times I have ever spent with a couple of close friends was when we got together to bake Christmas cookies … a little potluck dinner, a bottle of wine along with cookie making and decorating while we talked – and laughed until our sides hurt. If baking is not your thing, there are numerous other things friends can do together while they converse … create something crafty (I have painted ceramics, made cards, quilt squares and candles, in the past), play cards or a board game, the ever popular scrapbooking is an option, work on a car, help paint a room in someone’s house, or start a monthly living room book club, a bonfire, fix something. There are lots of fun, relatively free activities friends can do when they want to spend social time together … and many can result in creating something meaningful together.

jarsCooking something together is always great. This weekend, I plan on a small canning party with a close friend. I can picture it now … a glass of wine, a few snacks and an apple sauce assembly line … coring, peeling, chopping, cooking and conversation … ending with some beautiful jars of healthy food to get us through the winter. Not to mention the memories of the evening that will flash through our minds each time we open a jar and remember the fun we had making it together. If you have some other relatively free things friends can do when they get-together, please share them. (apple recipes)


~ by bearyweather on October 19, 2009.

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