A Life of Abundance . . .

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”
~ Wayne Dyer

Fall is often thought of as the season of death. The birds abandon the north, the trees lose their leaves, plants freeze and die. Fall also has another side, if you tune in to it. It is the season of abundance … farmers and most home gardeners have more vegetables right now than they think they will be able to deal with. I too, feel blessed to have a kitchen counter and garage shelving full of tomatoes and buckets and buckets of apples.

Last night, as I was covering the last of my precious summer flowers, I heard foreign whooshing sounds all around me – but saw nothing. The sun was setting, the temperature was dropping and all of a sudden I heard splashing. Not a simple splash. It was more like a truck load of kids having a water fight ….. to my surprise, I discovered more than 1000 ducks and geese playing in the lake. The whooshing of their wings in flight, the dancing, splashing and chasing upon the water, the honking, the quacking … the abundance of sounds was amazing. I have NEVER seen that many birds on my small pond of a lake …. amazing. It was one more of this Fall’s short lived abundances … gifts of nature. (sorry for the blur of a picture – I was caught off guard)

Although many of us overlook it, compared to the rest of the world, American’s do live a life of abundance – every day. Yet, sometimes, the over abundance of special treats from nature (whether summer berries, Fall vegetables, landscape marvels, or animal behavior) are still surprising and hard for us to grasp … Like the birds last night, they leave me in jaw dropping awe.

Nature, especially in the Fall, impresses upon us, the importance of making the most of each day … one day the trees are ablaze in color ~ a big wind blows and the next day they are naked. One minute there is the commotion and noise of a 1000 birds on a lake~ the next day that lake is silent and frozen. These precious occurrences are prized for the short lived experience they are.

A friend of mine explained his busy life with the words “I am living a life of abundance” … that phrase has stuck with me for several months, now. It expressed a feeling of living a life filled to the brim with great gifts – blessings. I was hit briefly by a tinge of envy, which drew me inward to contemplate … what does a life of abundance look like?

I know I have been blessed with a life of beautiful abundances, as well. Your personal life of abundance can be found if you just look around you and/or if you look within yourself. It is a frame of mind. The realization that you do have a life of abundance, in some form, comes with awareness and appreciation of the world around you. “Reflect upon your blessings, of which every man has plenty, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” ~ Charles Dickens

Abundance is everywhere if you look. Yet, for some reason, humans naturally continue to search for more .. because they believe it is fleeting? Maybe. I believe that it probably has more to do with the nature of life itself and balance. Balance is a key ingredient of life and isn’t that what we are all searching for? Life, is a journey, a constant search … for meaning, for the unknown, for fulfillment, etc… By standing still and closing your mind and eyes, life can actually be halted. By searching for more in life, we change and grow. Recognizing and appreciating the special gifts of abundance along the way, makes life happier.


~ by bearyweather on October 9, 2009.

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