Without compassion . . .

Without compassion, humans can not coexist with nature.

lilbearThere was absolutely no compassion shown last week in St. Paul, Minnesota when nature showed up somewhere it rarely does. A young bear was spotted in the city, 911 was called and fear took over. This wandering little bear was not going to hurt anyone. He was lost and walking around. The bear hid in a tree scared for over an hour in a residential area. What did the officials do to help? They used a beanbag gun to shoot at the young bear to scare it out of the tree and when it climbed down and tried to run away from all the people, it was shot dead immediately.

There were NO attempts to save this bear … he was exterminated for walking into the wrong place. He was not violent or attacking anyone … he was hiding. When in danger, climb a tree … that is what mother bears teach them to do. (when bears are this age, many are still with their mothers or venturing out alone for the first time) To view the bear in the tree and witness this fiasco visit WCCO, a local television station.

The officials claim that there were too many people around to deal with the bear in any other way … poor excuse. They claim he was a danger to the children at an elementary school in the area … poor defense for a rash act with no compassion. This little bear was not going to hurt anyone … he wanted to escape. He would have stayed in that tree for a very long time .. time enough to get what was needed to tranquilize and relocate this young bear to a more woodsy area where he could live with little human interference. What happened to compassion?
With a little patience, this lost bear could have been easily relocated to the woods (away from people that have no respect for nature’s creatures).


~ by bearyweather on September 29, 2009.

One Response to “Without compassion . . .”

  1. I share your outrage and disappointment with the way this was handled. Wow, we are stupid when we can’t think beyond our first impulses.

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