Love a tree …

Today, May 16th, is Love a Tree Day. I have no idea where/who started this tree celebration day, however as a lover of all trees, I think it is a great idea. What a great time to plant a new tree, trim a tree, water a tree, or hug a tree.
When I was growing up in the cities, there was a huge weeping willow tree in our yard. This was my sister’s favorite tree and spot to hide. She would crawl up and snuggle in a little space at the top of the main trunk. I loved how this tree was a natural tent .. the breezes blew threw the whispy strings of leaves and yet it also sheltered us from sun and light rain as we played underneath. That tree is still there, bigger than ever and it holds many childhood memories including the story my grandmother told me about how she started her own willow tree from a clipping of ours.
I love all trees. Living in the woods, it is hard to pick just one favorite. The red pines and white pines around my house are so majestic. The red maple by my front door or the white birch that line the edge of the lake are so beautiful. Even some of the old, scraggley, rotting trees in the woods have so much character that make them special .. and they provide homes for many animals.
Not far from my house is a small 40 acre wilderness area called “The Lost Forty”. This parcel of land was overlooked and mapped as a lake when the northwoods was being surveyed. What a great mistake! It is the only virgin forest in Minnesota … it has been left alone .. never cut, thinned or developed. The DNR is now managing the site to preserve it and educate. There is a rugged hiking trail with some informational signs along the way. The oldest and largest white pines and red pines in the State can be found there – up to 350 yrs old. The largest tree is my favorite … you need to bring a friend in order to give it a hug .. it takes at least four long arms. (more info)
For more information about the Lost Forty Trail and Trees check out this site … it also has a number of other great hiking trails in my northern Minnesota neighborhood.
Time to go plant a tree …


~ by bearyweather on May 16, 2009.

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