Creative Northwoods Pranksters

April Fool’s day was this week. It seems that “fooling” someone is much easier these days. The world is so crazy and so many unbelievable things happen daily that the jokes of April 1st seem to be just one more strange thing in our world.

It is well known that NPR creates a fake news story every year for April 1st. This year’s story on All Things Considered was about whale farming in Illinois … amazing, right? After listening to the listener comments on the story, I am wondering … are people that gullible today or do we just have a lot of creative pranksters that enjoy playing along? Either way, it is a fun light-hearted way to celebrate the day.

Then, there is the town of Ely, Minnesota .. who surpassed NPR’s joke in a huge way. Who can forget their April stunt last year .. “Say NO to Canada – Keep Ely in Minnesota”?

Ely outdid themselves this year with another dual purpose joke .. a big joke pulled off by a very small town in the Minnesota woods. Once again, the people of Ely designed a practical joke that was both hilarious and a marketing plan to promote Ely. It was done in a big way, .. and did I mention it is funny? It involves a new website Ely2016 (remember it is a joke), a news conference with the mayor, and an incredible list of plans to bring the 2016 Olympics to Ely, Minnesota. They make the bid for the Olympics seem less crazy and more real by involving all the prominent people in town .. they went all out for this one.

An iron range paper, the Mesabi Daily News in Virginia, picked up the Ely story and played along .. did that make it more believable to people and make the joke last longer? To me, it just made it better! Small town people working and having fun together to improve their town, what can be better than that? Creative Fun! I hope it doubles Ely’s tourism this summer … I wonder what crazy scheme is in the works for next year?

News Stories and videos about Ely’s campaigns:

Thank you to everyone that provided the fun stories on April 1st this year … or added to them! ;0)

~ by bearyweather on April 4, 2009.

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