The Last Snowfall?

Spring gave us a quick peek at it a few weeks ago (I even posted signs of Spring) and now, we watch as winter returns in earnest with gusty winds, lots of snow, and early releases from school. Everyone is wondering (hoping and praying) if this really is the last snowfall of the winter season. The dread of more white stuff, poor driving conditions, shoveling and cold come to the surface with the first snowflake. It has been a very long winter.

On my drive into work today, with the snow just beginning, the local radio station (KAXE) played a new song called “The Last Snowfall” by Vienna Teng … the announcer explained how he had not heard the song, yet, but felt the song would be very appropriate for the morning drive and speaking my thoughts and everyone else’s (except maybe the skiers) “I hope so”!
Surprise … the song turned out to be a thought twister … as it was not really about the last snowfall of a long, dreary winter …. It was asking the question “What if this were the last snowfall you ever see?”

snowtreeWow, could it really be the “last one”? When thought about that way .. the snow does not seem so bad. All thoughts of shoveling, slush, icy car windows, slippery roads, blowing and drifting, etc… are put aside and concentration on the good things about it begins. There are many things to miss about a new snowfall in northern Minnesota .. fresh snow makes everything shiny and clean, it decorates the trees in a way man can not, the quietness, tracks in the snow, and the crunching sound of it under your feet.

The last one? … hmmm … applying this philosophy to other things in life, would give one a new outlook on life, an attitude change. It adds appreciation and importance to everything.
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~ by bearyweather on April 1, 2009.

One Response to “The Last Snowfall?”

  1. I agree! We should treasure each day (with whatever it has for us). Only God knows how many todays we have left. I know I have forgotten how special each today could be. I am now waking from a long peiod (of “sleep”) spent waiting. The problem was my waiting had no pupose or goal related to it. I now realize this kind of waiting leads to nothing…and is a waste of time.

    It’s humbling to conclude one’s waiting has been pointless.

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