Signs of Spring

Here in northern Minnesota we are cautious about announcing the arrival of Spring too quickly or loudly … it is like tempting fate or daring the weather to prove us wrong. (we all remember that April was our snowiest month last year.) So, we whisper, watch and wait patiently. It is great when Spring just sort of sneaks in behind Winter and grows .. before you know it there is no more room for Winter in the woods.

Signs of Spring in northern Minnesota so far (March 21) ….
• Puddles, slush, dirty snow and mud
• Pussy Willows blooming
• The first bug smacked on the windshield of the car
• Raccoons disassembling bird feeders
• Bald eagles feasting on road kill buried in the snow for the last 4 months
• Light weight coat, no mittens
• Sunshine after 4:00 in the afternoon
• Ice on the lakes creaking and groaning loudly
• The arrival of the snow plowing bill for the season
• Canadian Geese on the river
• Snow melting and dripping off the roof, even at night
• Gardening supplies in the stores
• Radio talk updating the sap run on the Maple trees
• to be continued …..
later … (3/26) just received a couple of inches of snow and temperatures have dropped .. seems Spring has been put on hold … (3/31) Really on hold .. lots of snow today.

April 7th … new signs that make it look like Spring is returning …
• Fish houses are off the lakes
• Geese and a few ducks are puddling on the edge of the river
• Dirt bike tore up the road this weekend
• Ravens building a nest

April 18th … it is warmer (40-50º) with chance of snow showers?
• Woodpeckers drumming on the eaves of the house at 6 am.
• Bald Eagles fishing in the small open areas on the lake.
• Only a few snow banks remain, but extremely visible signs for the need to rake are everywhere.
• Robins flipping dead leaves looking for food.
• First chipmunks scavenging the winter bird feeder scraps.
• When will the lake ice go out contests.
• Ditches that have turned into fast moving rivers with ducks.


~ by bearyweather on March 22, 2009.

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