Living in the Moment?

I have just returned from an Eagles concert … (I love their music) it was fantastic ! Glenn Frey jokingly introduced this as “the assisted living tour” for the Eagles, a band that refuses to die. Age, in my opinion, has only made them better and their new songs more deep. The “old guys” played every hit plus many new songs, entertaining us for 3+ hours (a very generous performance). If they are coming to your town this month .. it is a must see event .. check it out: Eagles

Although I could go on and on about the concert and the Eagles music, the observation I would most like to discuss here is a disease that is infecting our country .. the inability to live in the moment and shut the outside world off for a few minutes or a few hours to enjoy what you are doing and who you are with.

It has been a few years since I attended a large concert like this one, so I was amazed at all the things people were doing at the concert – instead of enjoying the performance. Even after a loud announcement about no technical recording devices or cell phones and security personnel wandering up and down the aisles .. techie stuff could be seen everywhere throughout the evening. The guy in front of me had his cell phone open most of the time and was busy texting. His wife and two other people in my general area had digital cameras trying to record parts of the performance from about 50 rows back and then every once in awhile, one of them would annoyingly turn and take snaps of themselves and their friends – with a flash. The cell phone and digital camera glows were shining in people’s faces everywhere. Besides all the techie stuff, people were holding discussions about the cheapest place to get beer in the concession area, another guy was busy shelling his large bag of peanuts (and leaving the shells all over the floor), friends visiting, seat swapping to be able to talk to someone else, … oh my gosh, I could go on and on … the teacher in me wanted to be able to give them all detention and send them out … but, I refrained ;0)

The love of the music is why I was there. To see a once in a lifetime performance of a band that may not be touring again (or maybe they will – one can only hope) … I went to the concert to live in the moment and soak it all in. I realize that there are always a few people in an audience be it a concert, movie, play or whatever who can not just sit back and enjoy … and inevitably a cell phone will go off during church .. however, I assumed the majority of people who spent the money ($100-300) for a ticket, did so for the music. Wow, was I wrong … unless all of the restless souls got together and decided to attend this concert, our society has a major problem. The number of people who were infected by the “can’t disconnect” bug during this concert made it seem like a plague was present. The concert was all encompassing, totally entertaining … dancing and singing with the band was part of the fun .. we stood for over half of the concert … talk about multitasking .. texting and dancing and concert .. come on? Someone explain the need to talk and text to me during a concert, please …
Even though I spend most days in the woods, I am a very techie person (I teach computer classes) .. new techie things are just plain fun. However, my cell phone is off unless I need it .. so, I don’t understand all of these peoples inability to disconnect for a few hours and enjoy a concert. Are there any theories out there? Is it a driving need to share everything that they are doing as they do it (what happened with a good story after?) or simply just ignorance about how rude and distracting their behavior is to those around them? Just bad habits/addictions they can’t shut off? The fear of missing something else that might be better? Maybe I have just been in the woods too long .. I don’t know … maybe this immediate need to communicate is just a symptom of a larger problem?

Finding quiet time is not always easy for me, but I cherish the time and place (the woods usually) that I have to disconnect from the world for awhile. The moments I can spend in the silence (well, okay the frogs and birds can make quite a racket sometimes) of the outdoors simply sitting on the deck, by a fire, or taking a walk … allows me time to be calm, face all those inside thoughts and feelings, it lets me listen to my little voice. Maybe that is the underlying issue with some people’s obsession with cell phone communication … they have forgotten how to be where they are, to talk to themselves and really listen to their lives? Life is too busy to relax in the moment? The truth of life is not something they want to look at?

Many people are so concerned with adding days to their life that they forget to add life to their days. ~ Harriet Meyerson

Check out (Life by Choice – Not by Chance), it has some great ways to practice living in the moment. Or, a short article with quotes to inspire Living in the Moment.

~ by bearyweather on March 17, 2009.

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